Case Study
Wakefield Bounce Back Week

Prospering Wakefield Business Growth

Prior to our involvement, Wakefield Business Week had historically been an annual live event, delivered in a partnership capacity by stakeholders including Wakefield Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and Wakefield First. However, when the time come to once again host this outstanding event, which focused on promoting local economic growth, the world was in the midst of a pandemic and the event need to adapt to a virtual format. Even though the format was to change, the cruciality of this event became even more prominent.  

The Business Event Series 

The economic shock linked with the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted industries and firms across the Wakefield district and there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding economic recovery. Therefore, the local community required access to quality support and advice that can address complex business support questions, alongside resources that are beneficial to growth and adaptation.  

To engage and educate the local business community, we were tasked with hosting a week-long series of online events that inspired local businesses, providing knowledge-based webinars hosted by industry leaders and professionals. Enter Wakefield Bounce Back Week, the event that encompassed the ethos of helping and guiding those businesses that had been hit hard by the pandemic. 


Game Time  

The pressure was on for this project, with only three weeks from the fact-finding session to the event launch. During this time, our experts managed to develop an event website, manage all marketing output and outsource specialist speakers.  

The launch week was fully managed by our event specialists, who brought together leading expert speakers for each and every one of the events. To add this, they facilitated with presentations, speaker preparation and organisation and drove the attendance of these events.  

The launch of Wakefield Bounce Back Week provided local expert knowledge, programme awareness, support and educational opportunities through a series of 12 webinars throughout the week, that included over 30 local and national industry experts.  

The Result 

By undertaking a comprehensive event strategy, we were able to provide access and support across multiple platforms that supported businesses and individuals to kickstart recovery within the Wakefield District. The event and accompanying activities received high-levels of engagement and speakers included TileyardNorth, AD:Venture and national keynote speakers from NorthInvest, IN4.0 Group, and the Black Pounds Project. 

The Results

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