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Why outsource your content writing to a B2B marketing agency? 

Producing copy for blogs, press releases, website pages, thought-leadership articles, social media captions, video scripts, webinar blurbs, email marketing campaigns… No two days as a Content Writer are the same – not least at this B2B agency!  

Content writing is the marketing activity that interacts with your audience during every stage of the marketing funnel, whether that’s your brand’s memorable tagline to the calls-to-action peppered throughout your website. So surely copy that’s this integral to retaining and converting your audience has got to be written by the experts, right? 

Well, yes – that’s correct. But – and it’s a big ‘but’ so I’ve put it in bold – this doesn’t mean they’re the same experts who’ve been busy formulating your game-changing pharma product or putting the final touches to your forward-thinking tech solution. 

They’re experts in copy, and experts in their own right. They’re the ones on the other end of a Teams meeting who are finding out every nut and cranny of what your business has to offer and what sets you apart. They’re then the ones pulling together the right words, right tone, and right content-related activities to project your B2B brand in front of your desired audience.  

Who are these experts, then? Well, they come in the form of copy or content writers, and a solid six call this Leeds B2B marketing agency their home. Read on to find out why clients trust my colleagues and I to write compelling copy that converts, and why outsourcing your business’s content is one of the most strategic marketing decisions you’ll make this year. 

Beat the block! 

Is it ironic that I’m writing this piece whilst struggling against a bit of writer’s block for a client PR on the current state of warehousing in the UK? Pretty much. But it’s also a reminder of one of the main reasons that outsourcing your content writing to an agency is worth it. When you’re knee-deep in a project day-in, day-out, you might know it all, but you could be stumped at how to tell it all.  

No-one’s immune to falling into the trap of using the same words, terms, and phrases to describe a particular product or service, and that can lead to having the blinkers on what you’re trying to say. AKA, the block, which can be hard to pass by! 

But, when we cast our expert eyes and ears over your offering, we’re able to extract the value that your audience needs to see, which is often the difference between ‘okay’ copy and ‘you have to read this!’ copy. Whether we’re onboarding a new B2B client or hearing about an existing client’s upcoming project, we get as much information as possible. We’re practically pitched to as a potential customer would be – it’s an enthusiastic, detailed, and realistic projection of what we’re tasked to market. We ask questions, crucial to making sure copy avoids dangerous assumptions of what your audience knows, before channelling a host of information into copy that informs, inspires, and entices your audience to know more. And that beats the block for you. 

We’re paid to learn outside of our skill  

 It’s our job to get smarter. And that means learning as much as we can about your industry as well as the product or service you’re wanting to market.  

It’s a funny old one being paid to read! From leading industry publications with thought-provoking op-eds to competitors’ blogs and social media feeds, we get underneath what’s happened before, happening now, and what’s likely to happen in your industry. We scope out who we want our copy to talk through with extensive persona and market research so we know their pains, their aspirations, and what makes them tick.  

But that’s not all. We’re subscribed to a host of magazines and newsletters on a variety of topics – from tech and heavy industry to life sciences and pharma. That means we’re sponges to a variety of information and expert opinions on your market – plus a load more. You’d be amazed at the rabbit holes we’ve been led down from the scope of content we consume! Plus, the interconnectivity that comes from researching one topic for one client and stumbling on something potentially game-changing for another. 


We write for many different audiences  

Ever followed a business on LinkedIn because you saw one post that was helpful, and now you can’t escape a few posts a week that are so darn dry and similar in style? *Yawn*. First off, remember you can unfollow them to stop this happening. But what’s really key here is understanding why you’re bored of seeing their posts – and it’s probably because they lack the human touch of personality and flair, and have probably written by the same one-person marketing team that’s sat behind the same desk and used the same ideas at the same points of the year for the last five years… 

Writing for a load of different audiences, whether that’s one industry to another or differences in role level, means we’re crafty at varying copy’s tone of voice to boost engagement. Yet we don’t just give you a tone of voice.  

We test it. 

Tweak it.  

Monitor what works. 

Fix what doesn’t.  


We also match-make our writers to your business, making sure that you’ve got the best fit. That’s not to say we’re not all skilled to write about your industry or adhere to your brand’s copy guidelines, but we’ve all got different writing styles, copy specialism, and sector interests. It’s about finding what works for you – and who 


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