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A team of experts that are passionate about complex and niche industries.


We work with some of the most technical, specialist and cutting edge industries in the world. Discover how we can support in your sector.

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Redefining B2B Marketing

Halston B2B is a collective of specialists, who are devoted to building powerful and compelling campaigns, colliding technical expertise and marketing passion.

Meet the team that makes us.


From Tech Start-Up to Acquisition in six short years.

Learn how Halston B2B jump started Hark’s marketing from day one and supported through their scale-up journey.

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Making a Genuine Difference

We’re proud to work with clients in some of the most niche and cutting edge industries.

We partnered with Halston B2B due to their ability to grasp a strong understanding of our target audiences and their deep knowledge of our sector. They work consistently with our sales team to ensure that all activities are enhanced and executed as tactically as possible. We’ve enjoyed seeing how the team have comprehensively developed our marketing strategy to align with our goals to promote both our HR and compliance solutions in a changing education sector.

-Adam Watson, Director of Every®

Read the full story in the Every Case Study


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