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B2B webinars put you directly in front of your target audience, offering you tangible opportunities to amplify awareness of your brand and grow relationships. They’re the go-to platform for remote product showcases and thought-provoking panel discussions.

So, do webinars feature in your B2B marketing strategy?

Stats that Speak for Themselves

The brands and people joining your B2B webinar aren’t cold leads – they’re lukewarm, if not hot!

Webinar attendees actively choose to join a live session or watch it back on-demand because they’re interested in the topic you’re talking about or the service you’re promoting.

And with conversion stats like these, you can see why B2B webinars are a no-brainer for your marketing mix!

Did you know…

0 percent of webinar attendees go on to purchase the service or product that’s being promoted?!

Ready, set, go!

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