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A strategic approach to crafting copy

All online transactions are born from copy that grabs attention, adds value, then converts. But what makes your audience stop scrolling and click on your business’s blog? Take a swipe through your social posts? Or read your recent thought-leadership article?

Copy that knows who it’s talking to. Sentences that provoke thought. Thoughts that open eyes and leave users wanting more.

If you’ve got a B2B service or product, our copywriters have got the words!

What is B2B copywriting?

With the typical B2B sales cycle taking around two months, the copy that is available for your brand’s target customers to view and engage with plays a pivotal role in supporting – and shortening – the process.

Content must address the specific pains or niche industry challenges of your business’s target audience to initiate a relationship. Then it’s got to keep them there, encouraging users to explore both your brand and your product/solution. 

The first word our copywriters note down in our B2B copywriting process is research. From your personas and competitors to the current state of your market, our copywriters work with you to understand:

  1. Who your content wants to talk to
  2. How it needs to speak to them
  3. What value you can add to your audience’s day

Did you know…

0 percent of B2B buyers consider it important for their industry’s needs to be directly addressed on a vendor’s website?

Optimising copywriting for search

That’s a short amount of time to make a big impression. Copy needs to strike the fine balance of clear and concise, yet informative and insightful. B2B copywriting is a complex process, but it’s made far more effective with our talented team.  

Our copywriters are specialists at crafting copy for a range of highly technical B2B solutions that is optimised for search engines, like Google. Using a range of tools for SEO (search engine optimisation), we find out exactly what your audience is typing into those search boxes – ‘keywords’.

0 seconds is the amount of time the average person spends on a webpage.

Combining copywriting with content marketing

Laptop with website open

As a long-standing partner to a variety of B2B businesses, we’ve got a wide range of experience in choosing impactful words and the right tone to show your brand in the best light.

Powerful taglines

Thought-provoking articles

Comprehensive industry reports

Just three of the content activities our B2B copywriters get up to on a daily basis. But there’s more to the copy we whip up than just words.

We’re not a copywriting agency.

We’re a B2B marketing agency.

And we’ve got something a lot of content marketing businesses don’t: a team of creative minds who are specialists in their craft.



ACCOUNT MANAGERS | (And copywriters, of course!)

We take a strategic approach to all copywriting, advising businesses on the marketing mix that gets them in front of the right audience.

And keeps them there.

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