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Cutting through the jargon

Highly complex products and services demand highly complex . With a twist. Messaging for technological services and innovative products needs to have accessibility at its core. That’s where the winning formula of the right words, eye-catching aesthetics, and appropriate delivery come in. We’ll help you to curate a storyline that appeals, whether through an inspirational op-ed for a leading tech magazine, reviving your website or an interactive social series. Trust us when we say we’ll leave no button left unpressed.  

Curate messages that resonate

Your niche will become our niche. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate some of the most elaborate technologies and innovations on the market into language understood by beneficiary businesses. 

Think smart, look smart

Cities, construction, manufacturing – you name it, it’s getting smarter. Our fingers are on the pulse of everything ‘smart’, ready to help you slice into cutting-edge conversations across a breadth or a nuance of tech, no matter the industry. 

Smash onto the scene

And stay there! We’ll help you to develop reactive and insightful content that will help to elevate your brand, putting you at the top table with key decision makers. From interviews to awards to exhibitions wherever the conversation in your industry lies, that’s where you’ll be. 

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Entering the GreenTech Era

Enter the GreenTech era

What do you get when you cross tech with green? Not a punchline, that’s for sure. Discover the brains behind the business of GreenTech, the movement helping to accelerate us towards better climate change prevention. Pioneers have developed mind-blowing concepts, from desalination technology driven by solar power to intelligent predictive tools to smoothen transitions to electric, and we’ve taken a deep dive to find out more. 

Enter the GreenTech era

Trending tech 

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Redefining an Emerging InSAR Brand

SatSense is an earth observation company that specialises in a technique known as Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) which primarily uses the phase property of a radar signal to determine how the ground is behaving over time, all within mm accuracy. They deliver precise, continuous ground movement data. Their aim is to make ground movement data more accessible to a wide range of industries. 

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02 Manufacturing Software
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Manufacturing a New Identity for a Software Brand

Due to JetSofts highly unique and specialised software solutions, they needed to strategically target potential and existing customers. But first, they needed to understand who they were.

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03 No Code Technology
  • Branding
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  • Website Development


Re-inventing a no-code brand

TAAP, The Agile Application Platform is at the forefront of digital transformation delivering to a multitude of customers across several vertical markets. TAAP aims to bring platforms to the masses with their ‘no-code’ approach.

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04 Software Technology
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Bleeding-edge Innovation

Hark came to us with an innovative, bleeding-edge product in the emerging IoT market.

We developed a blueprint of objectives that would guide the marketing for this impressive, and aggressively growing tech company.

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