Our creative team’s cross-platform abilities bring you a visual identity that is entirely unique to you. The need for differentiation and creation of a distinctive identity within the B2B market is at an all-time high. From your digital presence and social media appearance through to printed media. 

Because branding is so much more than your logo and a colour scheme.


Is your branding feeling a little flat? Or no longer fitting to your company’s ethos? A full brand refresh is the perfect way to take your marketing from dull to jumping off the page.  

Initial insight sessions work as the foundation to give us a strong understanding of you and your company. From here, our teams’ unique creative abilities work to build imaginative creative brand books containing everything needed to reshape your brand. Including colour palettes, logo variations, icons and so much more.  

Digital Branding

Your online digital branding is the first impression, so you better make sure it’s a good one. Bringing together a brilliant blend of identity and aesthetics, our designers create brands that are impossible to forget.  

Built on a foundation of strong creative strategy, our team develop imaginative online branding, which is authentic to your company, resonates with your audience and captures the attention of all the right people. 

Building your brand ethos through colour and imagery, our team are highly skilled in graphic design, ensuring you stand out from the crowd in a sea of social media and email campaigns. 

Capturing the Moment

The perfect creatives are enhanced by imagery and videography. Our in-house photographers capture the moments that matter, perfectly portraying your business through the lens. Think event photography, brand videos or employee interviews, the opportunities are endless. 


Videos are interactive and engaging, and can be used to explain complex subject matter.

Our in-house team works directly with you to develop tailor-made video content, in both footage and original animation styles. We oversee the entire process from idea creation, scripting and designing, to filming and post-production.


Photography is crucial in the creative process, allowing our team to be as expressive and innovative as possible when it comes to showcasing your business. We add a new dimension to all creative content for videos, social media, and website content that engages your target audiences, enhances your content, and grabs peoples attention – all through the power of photography.


As another pivotal part of the creative process, animation is a new offering we’ve introduced at Halston B2B. Our team are always finding new ways to market your company and offerings in a more creative way. Once again, our aim is to engage target audiences and keep them engaged at all times – allowing you to connect with them on a personal level.

Let us exhibit your unique personality through our creative perspective.

Is it time for a brand refresh?

Final Touches

So, you’ve recently created a whitepaper or developed a brochure with our content team. But what’s the point in creating great written content if it doesn’t stand out enough to be picked up? Our creative team brilliantly brand up written print and online media to immerse your readers in your research. 

We don’t just get you heard; we get you seen. 

Working with Halston Marketing has really helped to redefine Imageco’s branding. Our entire creative output now links seamlessly, if you saw an Imageco creative online, you’d know it was us. We have been represented perfectly, we’re a fun, colourful and engaging company and wanted this to come through within our digital branding. And the Halston creative team definitely hit the mark.

Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Imageco