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Case Study

Animating a Manufacturing Tech Platform

JetSoft is a leading provider of engineering solutions that improve the capture, management, and utilisation of quality control (QC) data. Specialising in NDT data solutions, JetSoft work with industry leaders such as Rolls Royce, Arcadia Aerospace, and The Department of International Trade.  

We were approached by JetSoft’s founder to revamp their creative branding to better represent their core values and goals. With no prior creative assets, the team gave us a blank slate to work from. 

Building Out the Brand  

With only a logo and colour palette existing for the brand creatives, the first step was idea conception. Starting with a collaborative brainstorm that ensured both teams were on the same page. The idea creation process is an integral part of the branding process as it allows for a clear concept to be decided on before the mocking up process begins.  


As we began building out the JetSoft branding it became clear that a brand video would be beneficial to them, as it would allow customers to quickly understand the complex solutions in an engaging format. It would also complement any future campaigns the brand undertook as part of their rebrand. 

Why We Choose Video 

There were three main reasons why we choose to focus on video creation within the JetSoft branding exercise:   

  1. Like many businesses within the tech space, JetSoft’s product offering is very complex which can often look overwhelming for potential customers. A video is more easily digestible for viewers, especially when paired with a voiceover for seamless explanation.  
  2. When looking at JetSoft’s website, we could see that their design heavily relied on large text blocks which hindered their customer’s experience and lowered their online engagement. The use of a video would enhance their user experience by creating a better website flow, as well as an eye-catching focal point for those viewing the site.  
  3. A video is also a multifaceted asset that can be used on multiple platforms including social media. This flexible yet consistent asset helped build brand awareness across JetSoft’s marketing outlets, as well as driving online traffic back to their site.  

Bringing the Brand to Life  

Expert copywriting was employed to accurately convey JetSoft’s intricate software, resulting in the creation of a script and storyboard as the foundation for the branded video. This is an incredibly important part of the process when it comes to animation, especially when collaborating with an external voice-over partner as it ensures uniform language usage across all video components to achieve a cohesive brand.  

Once the script and storyboard had been checked and confirmed by the JetSoft team, it was then time for our in-house creative team to get to work.  

Vision Execution Through Video 

Customisation is crucial in maximising the potential impact of each video on prospective customers. To accomplish this, our in-house videographers dedicated themselves to aligning each scene with JetSoft’s branding, all while preserving the distinctive vision of the team.  

Prior to digital recreation, every scene was meticulously hand-drawn by our team, allowing the client to preview the content before animation. This meticulous approach was entirely free from stock or AI-generated visuals thanks to the creative expertise of our animators.   

Keeping it Simple with Animation 

JetSoft’s branded video primarily relied on animation, minimising the use of text, which meant that each visual element had to effectively convey the company’s message while flowing alongside the voiceover narration. From our initial client conversations, it was mutually decided that simplicity was key, considering the inherent complexity of the video’s subject matter. 

To accomplish this tone, we incorporated several plugins; leveraging them to achieve a saturated glow with minimalist line animation to assist. These clearly communicated JetSoft’s solutions and USPs to its target audience in the aerospace sector.

Putting a Voice to the Brand   

Given the minimal text within the video, a captivating voiceover played a pivotal role in conveying core product information. This choice was driven by the recognition that including text could potentially limit the audience’s ability to comprehend the informative video, but there was still a need to give a detailed view of the software. To accomplish this, we enlisted a third-party actor known for their clear and composed voice, effectively portraying the capability of the JetSoft solutions. 

The End Result  

By producing a video that captured the essence of the JetSoft brand and effectively displayed its range of solutions, our team generated a valuable resource that could be utilised repeatedly across various marketing platforms.  

Upon its publication on LinkedIn, the branded video achieved metrics that exceeded the averages set by JetSoft’s direct competitors, leading to a noticeable surge in website traffic.   

In addition to its success on social media, the JetSoft-branded video was also incorporated into numerous sales pitches and client presentations and distributed to their internal CMS to boost lead generation.