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Case Study

Bringing Logistics to Life through Animation

Aramex UK aims to bridge the gap between the East and West with a dedicated portfolio of international logistics and transportation services. As a leading global logistics provider, they strive to enable growth and wealth for their partners with the help of their 17,000 employees who work from over 600 offices in 65 countries.  

After working with the Aramex UK team for four years, we incorporated animation into their brand strategy to support their wider social media and event strategy. By crafting a range of fast-paced and engaging video content led by insightful industry knowledge, we were able to grow the international logistic brand’s awareness in the eyes of their UK audience.  

Sealing in the Objectives  

Despite being one of the world’s leaders in logistics and serving millions in the Middle East with its top-of-the-line last-mile service, the internal UK team felt that their brand awareness within the UK was not up to the Aramex standard. With a maxed-out events calendar, the Aramex UK team approached us with a mission to promote their long-haul specialism within the pharmaceutical and retail industries.  

Idea generation on a National Scale  

Once we knew the aim of the Aramex UK internal team, we then had to create the vision. The first step of this was an evaluation of Aramex UK’s competition as this then allowed us to elevate the Aramex UK brand above its peers by implementing a contemporary eye-catching content strategy.  

One of Aramex UK’s primary focus for this increased brand awareness exercise within their chosen industries. So, after a collaborative brainstorming session that uncovered a plethora of ideas aligning with core industry trends, we concurred that the production of video content was the most effective way to aid in their event and service promotion.  

Video content, in particular infographics, can deliver key information in digestible, engageable, and interesting ways when compared to static images. Leading to higher brand recognition and retention amongst target customers.  

Nailing the Brief 

When creating an animated video that is representative of a national and international brand, that also gathers thousands of views, conceptualisation is key. 

To ensure that every video was illustrative of the Aramex UK brand, we knew it was essential that we worked collaboratively with their in-house team. That’s why we sat down with key team members to intimately understand their vision. These conversations also enabled us to consistently keep conversations in line with our formerly agreed-upon strategy. 

From these discussions, our expert copywriting and animation team worked together to create hand-drawn illustrated storyboards that allowed the Aramex UK team to easily visualise each video scene before starting on the intricate animation process.  

The Animation Process   

After working with the Aramex UK team for over 4 years, we know the expert complexities of their logistical services. So, we knew that we needed to create animated videos that effectively condense intricate supply chains into digestible snippets. To do this our animation team used a vibrant colour pallet paired with quick transitioning motion graphics to create a unique and exciting video that perfectly represented the logistic brands sameday delivery. Overall, these informed decisions gained thousands of views from Aramex UK’s online target audience in both the retail and pharmaceutical sectors. 

The Outcome

By incorporating video content into Aramex’s brand awareness strategy, we created a sense of authenticity and personality that would not have been possible with static imagery alone. From explainer videos to event rundowns, Aramex’s published videos have connected them to their target audience on a deeper level and gained thousands of views from their target audience. Overall expanding its customer base within the UK. 


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“We have worked with Halston Marketing for two years now and over that time we have been consistently impressed with the work they produce across content, social and PR. They have been able to grasp our technical services and are truly passionate about the industries we serve. Prior to Halston Marketing, the UK division of Aramex had no independent marketing from the global brand, now we can create tailored campaigns that are targeted to our core market and speaks more relevantly to our audience.” – Dave Taylor, UK Country Manager, Aramex

Dave Taylor, UK Country Manager, Aramex