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Case Study

Putting Imageco on the Front Page

Imageco is one of the UK’s leading print and signage companies.  

We have continuously worked with the Leeds-based wide-format print, and graphic design company on building their brand across content, social media and PR. But recently, we embarked on developing a new platform for building brand awareness for Imageco, through the use of paid media ads.  

The Right Platform 

To have the best impact, we wanted to ensure we chose the right platform to showcase Imageco’s brand message.  

Mail Metro Media is the home to the nations most engaged news brands with it reaching more than one in five UK adults every day. With the broad range of industries that Imageco is capable of working with, a large audience such as this was the perfect place to shout about their brand.  

Our next consideration was whether we wanted the ads to be placed alongside certain news types. As Imageco operates within a B2B landscape, we decided that the best course of action would be for the ads to be tagged against business-related news.  

Idea Generation 

We then needed to consider what the best message would be to give readers an idea of what Imageco is all about in a small snapshot.  

With Imageco’s strong sustainable ethos, we know the message must be centred around their eco-credentials.  We kept the ad copy light, focusing in on the ImagEco logo and core messaging to emphasise their eco-friendly product range and low carbon production methods.  

To add that extra bit of credibility to the sustainability claims, we made sure to make Imageco’s vast range of green awards and accreditations, including their ISO 14001 accreditation, the stars of the show. The ads were simple enough to not appear overcrowded but told a strong story of Imageco’s green print abilities. 

We created a UTM to track the results of the ads, and with sustainability being the core message of the ad, we linked directly through to Imageco’s sustainability page 

Rich Results

The ads ran from the 19th of August to the 5th of September and gained impressive traffic metrics: 

0 impressions
0 link clicks 

To consistently monitor the performance of the campaign, we set up unique campaign conversion on the site, and monitored Google Analytics. The ads lead to a great increase in site traffic and incredibly low bounce rate of 7.68%.

The highest visited page on the Imageco website during the time in which the ads were live was the sustainability page, a real testament to the amount of interest the ads created in Imageco’s green print abilities

0 % increase in users on site
0 % increase in sessions on the site

The Feedback  

The results spoke for themselves, especially with this being Imageco’s first experience with paid media ads. The MailMetro team congratulated the Halston B2B team on creating one of the highest performing B2B ads they have published. They felt as though the sustainability messaging strongly resonated with their audience.  

Imageco were also beyond happy with the results of the campaign, with Managing Director, Nathan Swinson-Bullough playing a strong role in the sustainable development of the company.  

It’s great to see Imageco’s green abilities catching the attention of Mail Metro’s readers. Paid ads isn’t an avenue we have explored before so it’s great to see how much of a strong influence they can really have on the awareness of our brand.” 

Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing Director at Imageco