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Case Study

Powering a Solar Installation Website

Ivegate are experts in design and build solutions for modern contracting, achieved through innovation, experience and technical expertise. They aim to provide exceptional added value to their clients and believe that this approach is the reason they continue to grow. 

Website Reinvention

Ivegate reached out to us with the task of completely refreshing their website, to better represent the grandeur of their company and create an improved on-site user experience. The concept of the new website aimed to give them further authority in their field by showcasing their expertise in modern contracting. 

Ivegate chose to work with us due to our technical expertise in industrial markets, and our ability to gain higher brand authority in these specialist fields. Before delving into the project, we conducted in-depth research into Ivegate’s competitors, to investigate their branding, their website functionality and where Ivegate fit in comparison.  

Website Management

Their previous website was quite stagnant and has been in place since being a start-up, but they had since outgrown the site and needed to move onto a more advanced site that represented the scale of the business and the stature of their clients. Ivegate has completed installation projects for Channel 4, Lidl, Asda and one of the largest e-commerce providers in the world.  

In the new design, the website included a lot more flow and movement, to grab users’ attention and keep them on-site for longer. We collaborated with Ivegate from the initial concept, creating wireframes and sitemaps to determine the new on-site journey, all the way through the development process.  

To elevate the homepage even further, we developed a captivating brand video that would act as the hero shot. For the video to represent the scale of their work and capability, we felt the best option would be to gain video footage of their solar installations both previous and ongoing projects. We visited key sites across the country, to ensure the footage included the full breadth of their work. The final footage included close-ups of workers, drone footage of solar installations and direct video footage. 

Another core element of the new website was the case study page, which was completely reinvented, to include greater movement when moving through the story, but structured throughout so that their case studies followed an engaging narrative for users. It included features such as a project highlight, moving statistics, a carousel of images and even a downloadable function.   

The Finale

Overall, we were able to curate a cohesive brand identity and an impactful website that truly represented the stage Ivegate has now reached, a business now servicing major corporations.