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Case Study

Manufacturing a New Identity for a Software Brand

 JetSoft is a company dedicated to improving the accessibility and efficiency of NDT information. JetSoft’s software is revolutionising manufacturing inspection processes, through digitisation and advanced AI analytics that is enabling manufacturers to determine the root cause of product defects. The team at JetSoft have extensive experience working in the aerospace manufacturing sector, and plan to expand into new realms.  

 Persona Session 

Due to JetSofts highly unique and specialised software solutions, they needed to strategically target potential and existing customers. But first, they needed to understand who they were. We worked alongside JetSoft to uncover their target personas and establish how JetSoft can offer a solution to them and overcome any potential barriers. 

From their detailed target personas, we were able to unearth the core USP’s that applied to each audience and through our expertise suggest the most appropriate marketing channels and activities for each persona. With this detailed and insightful base, we were able to create a highly targeted marketing strategy that offered the strongest opportunity to gain MQL’s.  

Capturing their Brand 

When JetSoft approached us, they were looking for a brand overhaul, as their original branding was targeted more towards the aerospace sector, and they wanted a brand that could resonate with the wider manufacturing sector.  

To create this new identity, we worked alongside the team at JetSoft to uncover their future aspirations for the brand, their USP’s and how they wanted to present themselves in the market.  

From this, we developed a new, engaging tone of voice and hierarchy of messaging that spoke more widely to the challenges faced by all manufacturers. This insight then led onto the creative refresh of the brand, which presented a more cutting-edge technology brand and reflected both data and manufacturing. All of this culminated in a dedicated brand book, hosting messaging, fonts, logo variations and colour palette.  

This was now the base for their marketing going forward, to ensure cohesivity throughout their content.  

A Bespoke Annual Strategy 

Sparking imaginations through strategy creation.  

Our ability to get into the mind of JetSoft’s personas, enabled us to develop a multi-faceted annual strategy that comprised of quarterly campaigns. We overlayed USP’s, persona challenges, with industry topics and seasonality trends to develop a top-level strategy, that when broken down talks to each persona on an individual level.  

This strategy aimed to go beyond anything JetSoft had done before and forge their reputation within the manufacturing sector. We crafted campaigns around digitisation and Industry 4.0. and intertwined content, PR, social and targeted paid campaigns to achieve a holistic strategy that places JetSoft at the forefront of the conversation.  

 The Output 

 After only a short time of working with JetSoft, we were able to reinvent their brand for the next step in the journey and curate and execute a targeted marketing strategy to begin strengthening their brand awareness. We have already begun presenting consistent brand identity through their social accounts and an ongoing digital marketing campaign, to further build engagement with JetSoft and their software solutions.