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Case Study

Digitalisation in an Archaic Industry

J-GMP work with major pharmaceutical companies, CMOs, medical device manufacturers, and storage and distribution companies to solve their compliance challenges.

The company came to us because of our specific knowledge in the niche market of manufacturing compliance, especially in the world of life sciences.

Despite their considerable footprint in the industry and strong reputation with existing clients, J-GMP were beginning to see their market share diminish as new players enter the marketplace.

In order to maintain their connections and to grow their business, it was time for the brand to refresh and look at digital solutions for the communications strategy.

Telling it Straight

In the world of life sciences and manufacturing for medical products and devices, it can be easy to loose yourself in a world of regulatory jargon and industry speak.

Our job is make sure that the experts in the field come across as straight talking, helpful, transparent and above all trust-worthy.

Our branding exercise and copy creation workshops meant that every line produced by this brand is to the point and never condescending.

Building a Strategy

We built the company’s annual strategy and executed a brand-new, modern, sleek-looking website.

We then moved on to the content marketing tactics to increase SEO benefit and boost inbound traffic to the site through the implementation of a simple to use CMS.

Collaboration with market leaders in the content strategy lead us to produce pertinent communications with a social media strategy as method of execution.

A corporate events and conference hit list was then created to growth of the company’s network and footprint in the industry.

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