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Case Study

Marketing for RegTech and FinTech

Recordsure are a forward-thinking, FinTech innovator. Their solution is designed to automate the transcription of highly technical, detail orientated financial services meetings.

The industry-disrupting technology utilises AI and machine learning to learn the various, sector specific terminology used frequently in such meetings.

The cutting-edge tech firm engaged us for our indepth experience in marketing for RegTech and FinTech.

Industry Defining Whitepaper

We have positioned Recordsure as one of the leading authorities on the mortgage market in 2021. We have accomplished this by releasing a highly researched, targeted, thought-leading whitepaper that features key industry insight such as; Brexit, remote working implications, the commercial letting ghost town, and scaling up customer support during the pandemic.

Through this expansive, opinion-forming document, delving into both the UK and Australian markets, we have developed Recordsure’s brand image and redefined how they are seen through the eyes of their core target demographic. This branded piece of work was created to match Recordsure’s brand guidelines. Once distributed, it will act as external sales literature and a calling card, bringing the desired clientele into Recordsure’s sales funnel.

Watch our bespoke whitepaper animation below

Precise Targeted Coverage

Recordsure’s unique value proposition led us to identify with them, their niche target market, mortgage advisors and financial service providers. With this in mind, we set our sights on placing PR articles in key industry specific publications to build up the awareness and their unquestionable authority with their targeted demographic. Highlights of our PR placements include hard working, linked, lead-inducing articles in Fintech Futures, Mortgage Finance Gazette, Fintech Finance, and The Fintech Times.

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Halston B2B were pivotal in our quest to inspire our brand and penetrate our newly identified target market. Without the vital expertise in PR and content, brand personification, and digital marketing, we couldn’t hope to excel in promoting thought-leadership and as a result, influencing and impacting our target market in such a way as we have. We hope to continue our highly beneficial relationship with Halston B2B as they understand our brand and are passionate about our industry. In a way that no other marketing agency have come close to.

Steven Hewlett-Light, Head of Product Delivery, Recordsure