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Case Study

Re-inventing a no-code brand

TAAP, The Agile Application Platform is at the forefront of digital transformation delivering to a multitude of customers across several vertical markets. TAAP aims to bring platforms to the masses with their ‘no-code’ approach.

Building a Brand

TAAP are a hugely forward-thinking company who’ve developed solutions across multiple industries and sectors, in hundreds of languages, their tech is device-agnostic, and they can spin up apps in hours.

Unfortunately, their site did not reflect the dynamic nature of the company in the slightest and needed an entire, back to the drawing board redesign.

There were pretty much zero brand assets to work with other than the logo, no colours, no shapes or aesthetic devices.

We developed the colour palette from scratch and created a hexagon motif that reflects the no code nature of their offering, in that everything comes in blocks and fits together perfectly.

We worked with the management team to really bring out their aims as a company to create a seamless, beautiful UX onsite.

A New Concept

The new site is so much more visually appealing, and it give the brand an opportunity to really shout about the amazing work they do in the tech space.

The schema is now optimised for search with both services and industries in their own menus and categories with calls to action throughout each page design.

The new, sleek look and feel is really pleasing to the experience onsite as well as the scrolling animations and button hovers that give it an extra premium experience for the user.

Content for the masses

No-code is a fast-emerging movement and TAAP aim to be ahead of any industry shifts. Due to the versatility and limitless possibilities of their technology, they can service a wide range of customers across several industry verticals. Each of these verticals face their own challenges, and our goal was to create a pleather of content, each of which was tailored to a specific persona and their pain points. Our content team was able to deliver specialist, technical pieces of content at scale to ensure relevant content was always available to those who visited the site.

Thought-Leadership PR

To expand TAAP’s brand awareness outside of their own readership, we developed insightful articles to be filtered out to leading industry publications. A significant target persona for TAAP was facility managers, so we sought to gain coverage in publications where they were the predominant reader. Our PR experts developed engaging articles discussing the potential of no-code in building management that resonated with common challenges that facility managers face and gained multiple placements across core publications.

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