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Case Study
Boosting Employee Engagement with Effective Internal Communications

Verallia UK

Verallia Group is a European leader and the world’s thirdlargest producer of glass packaging for beverages and food products. Verallia has 34 glass plants, 5 decor plants and 12 cullet (glassware) processing centres in 12 countries. They manufacture 17 billion glass bottles and jars each year to supply 10,000 companies, from local family producers to major international brands.  

Increasing Employee Positivity with Internal Comms

In 2022, Verallia Group completed the acquisition of long-standing Halston B2B client, Allied Glass, turning it into Verallia UK. With this change, our team was tasked with building an engaging internal communication strategy to bring the new Verallia UK workforce into the fold and increase positivity around the acquisition. 

We developed a detailed annual strategyto support their internal communication goals, which included maintaining employee trust by being transparent, increasing staff engagement and having a regular form of communication across the company. In order to achieve this, we set about the multi-faceted execution of:    

Internal Posters for Offices and Factory Environments

Each month we create two different printed posters that are placed around Verallia UK’s offices and factory environments. Depending on the monthly campaign, posters can range from simple tips and tricks to business announcements or even H&S information. A light amount of copy is included on the posters, with simple but engaging graphics due to the nature of where the posters are placed. 

Animated and Engaging TV Screen Content​ 

A variety of tv screens are created each month with one animation. The TV screens are placed around the factory and office environment, with a set schedule of screens running throughout the day. Each month we create a range of captivating TV screens to announce business and staff news, tips and tricks, competitions and fun days of the year. These range from national ice cream day to important health awareness days. Every month these are updated and changed to create variety and ensure all employees are kept in the loop. 

When Halston took over our internal communications, they introduced the idea of incorporating monthly animated videos alongside our static images, injecting vibrancy into screens across our different locations. These videos consistently excel in amplifying our internal promotions and effectively conveying the messages we aim to deliver. Whether it’s commemorating International Women’s Day, raising awareness for Stress Awareness Month, or reinforcing our core values, these videos not only serve as engaging celebrations but also as powerful reminders. We love the ingenuity behind this strategy and always look forward to seeing the videos on our screens every month!

Sara Tucker, HR Director, Verallia Group

Personalised Physical Newsletters​ 

Taking information provided by Verallia UK, we create quarterly branded physical newsletters that are posted to 638 employees’ home addresses. Our content team curates the copy into Verallia’s tone of voice, whilst our creative team creates the look and feel by arranging the copy and adding relevant photos. Each newsletter celebrates all business and team news from the previous quarter, which engages all employees and their family members. As well as featuring new bottles and any important updates.

Comprehensive New Internal Email Campaigns 

In conjunction with the other internal comms activities, each month we create and send a fun and engaging email in Verallia’s branding to personal employee’s email addresses. Email topics include: 

  • Important updates 
  • Company announcements 
  • Process changes 
  • Tips and tricks 
  • Competitions 


Each email is aligned Verallia’s company values and resonates with their employees and family members. 

Creative Objectives for Internal Assets: 

Our main creative objectives for Verallia UK’s internal communications are to provide VeraIlia UK and their employees with engaging, memorable content that creatively communicates important information whilst: 

  • Maintaining a diverse selection of brand colours from asset-to-asset.
  • Ensuring all of the creative assets worked well together as a whole. 

Applying Global Brand Guidelines

I studied the Verallia Brand Guidelines document to ensure I understood the brand identity and presentation style for both external and internal communications. Focusing more on internal comms, I designed an initial set of style setters that encompassed Verallia’s global identity. This was achieved by maintaining strong visual layouts that acknowledge the design perimeters highlighted in the brand guidelines. Verallia presents its brand with prominent colours and forms. Each represents an acute aspect of the company that needs to be presented in both internal & external comms.

Ewan Pogson, Junior Creative Executive, Halston B2B

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