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Case Study
The UK MedTech Innovation Assembly

Creating Event Web Apps That Work!

In November 2023 Halston Group ran The inaugural UK MedTech Innovation Assembly in Leeds.

This event addressed the challenges faced in MedTech and HealthTech innovation; exploring investment, cybersecurity, AI, and multiple technology components that come under the MedTech/HealthTech umbrella.

The event was multi-faceted with five different rooms for different talks throughout the day. This event therefore needed a tool to keep attendees up to date and somewhere for them to refer to for information before the event and on the day.

By enabling connections between speakers before the event, the app directly addressed a key objective: fostering collaboration across regions. This pre-event networking feature resulted in a significant increase in collaboration pre- and post-event among attendees.

To enhance the user experience, the app included a personalisation feature. Users could not only favourite the panels that they wanted to attend, but also craft their entire schedule, integrating non-event meetings around those sessions. This ensured attendees wouldn’t miss key presentations while optimising their time.

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