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Case Study

Expert marketing for logistics

Swedish specialist logistics firm, Your Special Delivery Service, are experts in the transport of really niche, expensive and sensitive cargo, from human tissue and pharmaceuticals to fine art and explosives.

YSDS came to us to for our expertise in marketing for logistics and to bolster their presence in the UK, build their knowledge of the life sciences market and increase brand authority through thought-leadership.

Making a Name

YSDS were like a dragon in hibernation, they had an amazing brand, a real USP and a super sleek operation.

They really needed help to get their message in front of the right people. We worked with them on their top-line business and marketing strategies to create a shrewd plan of attack to hit the right markets with the right message at the right time.

To bolster the brand’s footprint in their new Northern headquarters we arranged a visit from a local MP to entrench the firm’s dedication to economic vitality in the area.

Hard Working Industry PR

Thought-leadership is the crux of brand trust and loyalty especially for a company looking to crack really niche and heavily regulated industries.

We’ve created authoritative content for the brand and seeded it out to our industry PR contacts for unprecedented coverage, especially in the life sciences industry.

Deep Research

We’ve conducted white papers and market research pieces that have allowed for the growth of YSDS in new regions.

Our Hong Kong market potential report for example saw the brand launch their first office in the region thanks to our meticulous industry and market breakdowns giving them clarity on the market penetration potential for their unique offering.

Learn about our research. 

“We’ve really benefited from Halston B2B’s deep insight and knowledge, not only in the world of logistics but also an understanding of our very technical clientele. Their research has been instrumental to the growth of our company.”

Silvia Tarchi, CEO, YSDS UK

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