Case Study

Bleeding-edge Innovation

Hark came to us with an innovative, bleeding-edge product in the emerging IoT market.

We developed a blueprint of objectives that would guide the marketing for this impressive, and aggressively growing tech company.

Impressive PR

Our PR coverage for Hark has been a showcase of our speciality, an example of our expertise in order to create technical pieces that were placed in niche publications directly in front of their target audience. This allowed them to grow engagement and generate leads with the upper echelons of their desired clients

One of our esteemed PR placements came as Hark were recently featured in Raconteurs prestigious report, IoT for Business. The report demonstrates how IoT-enabled smart cities are changing the way we live.

Another example is the impressive double spread in Energy Global.

The ‘The Lockdown Lowdown’, examined how the UK lockdown has highlighted how IoT solutions can monitor the grid and create interconnectivity between batteries and renewable energy which can provide stability with constant monitoring. Two paradigms of thought leadership content, in some of the most well-read publications in the country.

Forging Partnerships

We’re continuing to place Hark at the heart of their target industries, encouraging observation of the disruptive power of the Hark technology.

Through our collaborative approach we’ve:

  • Created a video series on smart buildings with Bruntwood Group

  • Brokered an ongoing string of events with Dell

  • Events and collaborative campaigns with Microsoft


Award Winning

Our targeted campaigns and monthly content garnered interest for Hark’s social media channels while increasing site traffic and SEO positions.

Niche PR placements helped to bring thousands of additional page views and attract industry demand. Our PR strategy also covers industry awards, conference and speaking opportunity strategies as well as alternative coverage for example industry podcasts.

Critical Acclaim:

– IoT project of the Year at the Digital City Festival awards for their connected buildings project.

– Hark was featured in ‘The Times’ as part of the prestigious Raconteur report.

– Reached the semi-finals of KPMG’s ‘Best British Tech Pioneer 2020’.

– Placed 2nd on the Smartech Innovators list!

– Transformation through Technology Award from the UK Tech Business Awards.


Hark came to us as a fledgling tech start-up, we developed their strategy and identified a benchmark to aim for.

Since conception, we have hit milestone after milestone and reached a stage where Hark are securing contracts with multi-national retail chains. We helped them achieve this by helping them refine their target audience and adapting our strategies to fit. This meant targeting different industry-specific publications for thought defining PR coverage.

We transitioned Hark through a full rebrand, as they shifted their business model and target audience. This included reinvigorating their website using specific engaging content which defined their new brand offering. We helped them grow their team through incoming business from contact made with individuals in their chosen sector.

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“The Halston Marketing team have been essential to the creation, implementation and execution of our growth strategy as a tech start-up. We owe much of our success to their knowledge of unique target industries, skilled team of content creators and incredible PR network.”

Jordan Appleson, CEO, Hark