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Top tips for effective B2B event marketing

What is B2B event marketing?

B2B event marketing enables businesses to promote their products and services by hosting or exhibiting at events like trade shows, conferences, seminars, and webinars. The fundamental goals of B2B event marketing is to build brand awareness, generate leads, and build new business relationships. And for the most effective outcomes, it’s always important to have a strategy in place for your marketing at B2B events.

Check out our top tips to create a successful event marketing strategy for your next B2B event!

Set goals and objectives for the B2B event

Without defining your aims, you won’t be able create an effective strategy that is fit for purpose. What do you want to get out of the event? Consider whether your main focus is on generating leads, or perhaps you‘rewanting to place yourself as a thought leader in a particular field. Or maybe you want to educate a new audience about your business’s products and services!

Define your target audience

The more specific your messaging to your audience, the more it’ll resonate with them and support you to achieve your objectives for that event. What’s thedemographic of your audience, their interests, and their challenges? How is your business helping to provide a product or service that overcomes these pain points? Once you’ve nailed these details, tailoring your activities at the event will begin to flow naturally! And if you’re struggling to understand your target audience.

What is your event type?

If you are looking to gain international reach, a webinar is likely the most suitable option in terms of hosting your event. For product demonstrations, in-person events tend to be most favoured!

Develop your messaging!

Your messaging should be refined to resonate with the audience you are trying to attract and engage with, and you should always communicate in your brand’s tone of voice in order to create a succinct and recognisable brand!

Promote, promote, promote!

Which marketing mix is most suited to reaching your audience at this event? From email marketing to social media to paid advertising, there’s a multitude of marketing activities that can work together to spread the word about your attendance at the event.

Prepare your promotions!

When looking at creative development your main and end goal should be to design and execute assets of all shapes and sizes that encourage your target audience to engage with your business. That could be online content, handouts, whitepapers, videos, or digital presentations.

Measure your success!

Track metrics using platforms such as GA4 to discover more about your audience, leads produced, engagement levels, and ROI to determine the effectiveness of your  event marketing to enhance your next event strategies! This information can also be used during your event to track the appetite for your event.

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