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Google Analytics 4 Support

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has officially replaced Google’s Universal Analytics. If you’ve been a victim of lost data in this changeover, we can assist. Our team is dedicated to providing support as you navigate the new platform. We can also help you set up your GA4 account so that you can fully utilise all of the benefits and features available.

Why GA4 is the best option for your Website Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics allows for more in depth website traffic analysis. With new features such as:

  • Enabling cross-device tracking can improve the accuracy of data collected from both web and mobile devices.
  • Get smarter insights and predictions powered by AI.
  • Google Analytics offers comprehensive event tracking, allowing you to monitor your website visitors scrolling activity, file downloads, user clicks, and video views in real-time.
  • Utilising audience segmentation can enhance the precision of re-targeting campaigns.

Setting Up Google Analytics 4

It is crucial to ensure the proper setup of GA4 right from the start. Our team will perform a thorough examination of your website and current Google Analytics account in order to properly configure your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This will guarantee that your website analytics are being tracked with the highest level of accuracy.

The new Google Analytics is far more customisable so we can also create reporting dashboards to suit your business requirements. Then we’ll talk you through these new dashboards to ensure you can easily access these key top-level metrics for your general business reporting.

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Data Tracking and Analytics

Utilising data is crucial to inform not only your overall business decisions but also your marketing strategy. Data can help you optimise your marketing budget and minimise unnecessary expenses.

Effective GA4 setup and tracking will allow you to measure your web traffic from all sources including social media, PPC and organic search. To then allow you to build an efficient strategy guided by insight.

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“To help our marketing team pinpoint ways to improve, it’s essential that we gain a clear understanding of how users are navigating our website.

The HB2B team took a proactive approach and ensured that we were ahead of other businesses, including our competitors, in migrating our website to the Google Analytics 4 platform.

We have now successfully migrated to the new platform without any data loss 

Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing Director and Co-Owner at Imageco

Don’t delay, speak to us about our Google Analytics 4 Support Services before you start losing data!

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