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Case Study

Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Imageco

We regularly work with the Leeds-based wide-format print and graphic design company Imageco on their website build, design, and management. Since we heard Google’s announcement of the newly updated web analytics platform Google Analytics 4 replacing Universal Analytics, we aimed to support Imageco with this migration ahead of time. We wanted to ensure Imageco could reap the benefits of this new update and begin gathering further insight into the on-site web data. update and begin gathering further insight into the on-site web data.  

The Analytics Measurement Plan

We began by establishing Imageco’s website’s main goals, such as driving traffic, increasing brand awareness, and generating sales leads via contact enquiries. We focused on identifying key areas of interest to track on the site to further inform our marketing and website decisions 

We began the migration process and moved Imageco onto GA4, with plenty of time prior to the 1st of June deadline set by Google. After the 1st of June Universal Analytics will stop processing any website data and the historical data will only be accessible for another 6 months. So, it was advantageous to migrate to GA4 sooner rather than later to ensure it was up and running before the deadline.  

Implementing Tags

Google Tag Manager was also essential to this project, in order to track custom events that are not available out-of-the-box with Google Analytics 4. Event tracking is a way to understand what actions the user has taken during their on-site journey. We applied website tags, testing and validating these to ensure these tags were prompted at the appropriate times, and that these web events were tracking correctly in GA4.  

The Results

It was essential for Imageco to migrate to GA4, and our team at HB2B ensured that this migration was actioned efficiently, smoothly, and without any data loss.  

Google Analytics is regarded as the most powerful website analytics tool, with 28.1 million websites using Google Analytics for their website data. 

The move to GA4 resulted in further insight into how users are navigating the site.



“To help our marketing team pinpoint ways to improve, it’s essential that we gain a clear understanding of how users are navigating our website.

The HB2B team took a proactive approach and ensured that we were ahead of other businesses, including our competitors, in migrating our website to the Google Analytics 4 platform.

We have now successfully migrated to the new platform without any data loss 

Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing Director and Co-Owner at Imageco